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10 Best Foreign Series On Streaming Platforms

In the past, television was the most influential means of communication and where people got informed and had fun on a daily basis. But with the advent of computers and the internet, TV has been left aside and the internet has increasingly taken the place of information and entertainment.

Content platforms like YouTube have practically become “the television” of the younger generation. In addition to streaming platforms that have also gained a lot of strength in recent years. Nobody imagines themselves without one of these platforms nowadays.

Streaming platforms have made it easier to follow a series . And there’s always that series that becomes people’s darling. As was the case with “La Casa de Papel”.

After the resounding success that this Spanish series had on Netflix, the platform started to bet more and more on foreign series, such as “Dark” and “Elite”.

This success of non-English series opened the eyes of other streaming platforms to the importance of investing in productions from different countries. So much so that, in recent years, we’ve seen Brazilian, Argentine, Italian, South Korean, Colombian, French and other national content debuting on streaming.

If you like series and want to follow one that is not of English origin, but that will involve you with the plot and will also make you have contact with a new language, here are some titles that are worth following.

1 – Dark

This series was Netflix’s first original German production. It established itself as one of the platform’s greatest successes in 2020.

2 – La Casa de Papel

It’s almost impossible to find anyone who hasn’t seen this Spanish production. But if you are one of those people, the content deserves your play. And the outcome is close to debuting on Netflix.

3 – Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

This Japanese production is an inspiring comedy and will definitely make you a fan of it.

4 – Merli

The Catalan production has three seasons and shows the life of a philosophy professor who encourages students to think freely.

5 – Marseille

This is a French series that talks about politics and power.

6 – Rita

The series is from Denmark. And viewers will delight in comedy mixed with a little drama.

7 – Green Border

This s a Colombian miniseries that takes place on the border between Colombia and Brazil.

8 – The Rain

This is another Danish production. The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality.

9 – Elite

The Spanish production is also one that was very successful and won thousands of fans. And it has a new season almost debuting.

10 – Invisible City

This Brazilian series was highly acclaimed, both in our country and abroad. It mixes fantasy with reality telling a little of our folklore and the mystical creatures we have.

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Austrian Company Creates Smart Shoes For The Visually Impaired

The Austrian company Tec-Innovation has just launched on the market one of its latest creations: smart shoes that use ultrasonic sensors to help people who suffer from blindness or any type of visual impairment. The innovative product detects obstacles up to four meters away, preventing people with visual impairments from being subject to certain risks.

the smart shoes

According to a recent report published by the Odditycentral news portal, smart shoes, dubbed InnoMake, have as their main objective to become a modern alternative to the cane, an object that has been used for decades by millions of people around the world who depend on it. of a little extra help to get around as safely as possible.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the smart shoes model that is currently available on the market has ultrasonic sensors that help users detect obstacles. The presence of any obstacle is informed to the user through vibration and/or an audible alert. Both are signaled by a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection.

The idea, while interesting at first glance, is just a starting point for manufacturing similar products like this one. According to information made available in the article published by the Odditycentral portal, the Austrian company is already working on a much more advanced version, which incorporates cameras and artificial intelligence. Future technology to be used will help detect not only obstacles but also their nature.

The smart shoes created by Tec-Innovation were developed in partnership with Austria’s Graz University of Technology. The educational institution helped the Austrian company to create state-of-the-art learning algorithms. The algorithms were modeled based on neural networks and, therefore, are highly capable of analyzing the information provided by sensors and cameras built into the InnoMake shoe.

“Smart shoes tell you if the user needs to go around an obstacle and dictate the nature of the object that is in the middle of the path, after all, the visually impaired need to be aware of the objects that are in a certain area. It makes a big difference to understand whether what’s ahead is a wall, a car or a ladder,” Markus Raffer, one of the founders of Tec-Innovation, told TechXplore

“Ultrasonic sensors found on the toes of smart shoes detect obstacles that are up to four meters away. The user receives such information through vibration and/or acoustic signals from cell phones,” added Raffer.